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Sick Building SyndromeWe are expanding our professional service network across the United States.  We invite anyone with a service company or planning to start a service company to join our network.  We have everything you need to get started.  This includes training and certification, equipment and supplies, support and powerful marketing tools.

Five Way Sanitized is not a franchise and does not require a monthly fee for our members.  We offer a fantastic addon concept that can fit into any service business that has some interest in the indoor ir quality of a building and the creation of a healthy, non-toxic indoor environment.

Our program not only uses EPA registered products, but they are Green certified and eco-safe.  They are capable of making any building a healthier environment.  More than 70% of commercial and public buildings are toxic or semi-toxic.  However, every building need help to be healthy building.  And healthy buildings protect students, workers, staff, customers, and patrons.

A clean building may not be a healthy building.  In fact, many cleaning processes add to the chemical toxicity and wear away the immunity of those spending time in those buildings.  By contrast, a healthy building will be a clean building, and the people inside will be ahppier, more productive, and you might even avoid HR complaints and a potential lawsuit by a disgruntled employee.

We invite you to inquire about how to join the Five Way Sanitized network.  You will discover that you can offer so much more than a sanitized building.  You can provide a healthy building that everyone will enjoy.