The Importance of a Healthy Building

Indoor air quality scale

SBS and HealthBuildings are artificial structures.  While they provide a measure of protection from the outside threats, they also concentrate pollution threats because so many things go in but never go out.  Consider the hundreds of gallons of cleaning chemicals, sprays, fragrances, pesticides, and polishes that are brought into a building each year.  How do they leave?  Some may leave via the drain from the wash water, but most of these product simply evaporate.

Evaporation is also called "volatilization" whereby a liquid turns to gas.  Water may turn to steam, but it never becomes nothing.  Products like bleach started by splitting the molecule of salt.  The liquid turns from a liquid chemical to a gas, and that gas may will float around and eventually condense onto the dust and dirt of the building.  

Some people are very healthy and can work in a bad IAQ building testing at 151-200 mg/m3 for VOCs.  Others are those with weak immune systems, chronic illness, chemical sensitivities, and even emotional stress.  In the very same building, these people are the "Canary in the Coalmine" examples who are sensing and reacting to very real threats that have not yet impacted the more healthy people in the building.

We need to regularly sanitize our buildings, but not at the cost of employee health.  Our treatments use EPA registered products the are Green certified.  While killing pathogens in the air and on surface, our program dramatically improves the indoor air quality.  Your staff will notice the difference, and the productivity of workers will go up as medical cost go down.

Our service is fast, efficient, and very effective.  Most building can be treated in about an hour, and there is no odd or chemical smell left behind.  

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