Choosing the Best Sanitizing Service

Sanitizing for COVID"Why Pay for One Way sanitizing, when you could get Five Way Sanitizing?" 

Sanitizing is almost always One Service "Sanitizing".  Five Way Sanitized solves five common threats that not only make people sick, but treat sick buildings.  In fact, the chemicals of some sanitizing services actually add to a toxic condition in the building. 

We believe in more than sanitized buildings.  We believe in Heathy buildings that promotes healthy workers, students, and customers.  

Your Five Way Sanitized professional will perform a free IAQ test that will reveal the health of your building.  Many buildings show potential toxic concerns.  The good new is our system not only provides a hospital-grade, but actually solves all of the other indoor air quality problems.  And, we do all this at the same price as one benefit services.

Look!  Here's the critical question.  "Why pay for ONE BENEFIT or sanitizing,
when you could get FIVE BENEFITS for the same money?"

Professional Sanitizing serviceProfessional Sanitizing serviceProfessional Sanitizing service
Professional Sanitizing serviceProfessional Sanitizing serviceProfessional Sanitizing service


     We know that any treatment is a temporary fix.  So if you want more, how about the ability to inhibit re-infection for 5-30 days between treatments?  We can add a sixth benefit.  A post-spray of ultra-safe probiotics that create a healthy biome that deters re-infection.  The impact on your workers, students, and customers is immediate.  Instead of fighting pollution 24/7, your team will discover that a healthy building supports healthy and productive workers.

Our service is fast, efficient, and very effective.  Most building can be treated in about an hour, and there is no odd or chemical smell left behind.  

Free Indoor Air Quality Test ... $250 value